The Obligatory Will Arnold Schwarzenegger Run for the U.S. Senate in 2010? Post

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arnold and obama

U.S. President Barack Obama (L) meets with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the White House in Washington, March 20, 2009

The stories are out again suggesting that the Governator will run against incumbent United States Senator Barabara Boxer in 2010.

The Chronicle points out that the Terminator turned governor has been tactful in his political allegiances. He campaigned for Sen. John McCain during the 2008 campaign and showed up last week with President Obama at a White House meeting on infrastructure.

The article points out his ambitious campaigning across the state for his new budget plan and notes that lately the governor has softened his tone on a political future.

“I have my hands full with all the stuff I’m doing now,” Schwarzenegger said earlier this month. “I’m concentrating on that and not what I’m going to do next,” he told the Chronicle reporter.

“You know,” he apparently added, “I’m not a politician. I’m a public servant.”

He and wife Maria Shriver are not strangers to Washington’s power circles.

Saturday night, Schwarzenegger brought down the house during his Republican “response” at Washington Gridiron Dinner. He laughed at the journalists’ apparent dumping by the president, who declined the invitationt to attend.

“You did such lovely work for [Obama],” the governor told Washington’s media elite. “You put your lives on hold to put him in the White House. Now you get all dressed up, the champagne’s on ice, and you find out he’s just not that into you,” he joked, according to the Washington Post.

But, Arnold is warring with the California GOP, has poor approval ratings as Governor in the latest polls and would have to run against a long-time incumbent U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer, who has plenty of campaign cash.

Don’t look for Arnold to involve himself with a partisan primary election in which he will face another self-funded millionaire, Carly Fiorina and/or California Assemblyman Chuck DeVore who has gained the endorsements of most all of the elected members of the California GOP. More likely, Arnold will be appointed to some Obama Administration position or simply go back to Hollywood and make some movies.


RINO California Governor Schwarzenegger Snubs California GOP Convention in Sacramento This Weekend

Chuck DeVore Preempts Arnold Schwarzenegger By Announcing California GOP Endorsements

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Warns of “Valley of Doom”

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arnold march 6 2009

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger congratulates Iris Kyle after she won the Miss International body building competition during the Arnold Sports Festival Friday, March 6, 2009, in Columbus, Ohio

The California State budge is a mess and Arnold Schwarzenegger has accomplished nothing in his six plus years in office to reform the process. The economy is in a meltdown with high levels of unemployment. In the meantime, post-partisan Arnold has participated in massive spending and tax increases for Californians

Arnold has NO credibility left and his special election (May 19, 2009) tax measures will FAIL – despite speech hyperbole“Valley of Doom,” indeed.

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Californians Going Galt – California Tea Party and Tax Revolt

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Fullerton California Tax Revolt 2009 15,000 + citizens show support to throw the Sacramento Liars out the door John and Ken’s a start of something Big ! Throw out the Liars.

From Atlas Shrugged, the California Legislature and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Californians are “GOING GALT” (Via M/M).

Flap has spoken to many California voters who have almost given up on the California silliness it calls its bureucratic government. Tax increase upon tax increase to satisfy the ever increasing amount of government spending, including illegal aliens.

This “Going Galt” is a prelude to an open tax revolt and/or mass exodus from California by business.

Here is part two of the Fullerton Tax Revolt:

Radio station KFI AM 640 sponsored John and Ken’s first 2009 California Tea Party and Tax Revolt at Slidebar Cafe’ in Fullerton, California, on March 7, 2009. An estimated 15,000 people participated and are gearing up for more action. This is just the beginning.

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Photo of the Day: Girly-Man Arnold Schwarzenegger Ruins State of California

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NR girlie Man
In fiscal matters Arnold Schwarzenegger has governed more like a Keynesian than a Friedmanite; in regulatory affairs, he governs more like a German socialist than an Austrianschool liberal. Today he is as much of an albatross for California Republicans as George W. Bush was on the national scene. The National Review March 9, 2009 cover

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a DISASTER as Governor of California. And, to think his term does not expire until 2010.

What a mistake the California Republican Party made in recruiting Arnold to run in the recall election against Democrat failed Governor Gray Davis.

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Considered Leaving the Republican Party

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arnold and crist feb 23

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger,right, huddles with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist as President Barack Obama addressed the National Governors Association regarding the economic stimulus package, Monday, Feb. 23, 2009, in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington

The Governator may as well have pulled the switch because after the latest California State Budget with it’s massive ($14 Billion) tax hikes, his credibility with California Republicans is ZERO.
A few months ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger and a few close associates discussed whether he should leave the Republican Party, according to two people familiar with the conversation. His friend Mike Bloomberg, the New York mayor, had become an independent. Maybe Schwarzenegger should, too. But the governor and his people quickly concluded that Californians already saw him as independent of the Republican Party. So what would be the point of a switch? (A spokesman for the governor declined comment.)

To people outside the state, Schwarzenegger’s recent battles with Republican legislators over a budget and his criticism of GOP governors and Congressmen for their opposition to President Obama’s stimulus package might sound jarring. Schwarzenegger once was “Conan the Republican” (the first President Bush’s nickname for him), a politician who declared in his 2004 convention speech, “I’m proud to belong to the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party of Teddy Roosevelt, the party of Ronald Reagan and the party of George W. Bush.” Now he is on ABC News saying that “it doesn’t really mater if you’re a Republican or a Democrat.”

Arnold has the ego of a movie star celeb and  has a crying need to be popular. Popularity has served him well in bodybuilding and movies. In politics – not so much

Making difficult decisions as California Governor has placed Arnold in a situation he abhors – making some voters dislike him. Thus, he doesn’t make any decisions unless pressed and then the Republican Party be damned. IT is all about Arnold.

Flap hopes the California GOP has learned a lesson. You can take a popular figure from Hollywood and make him governor. But, if he does not have the requisite skill set to actually govern, then you have a problem.

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Day By Day by Chris Muir February 22, 2009 – Dey Vill be Back

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day by day 022209

Day By Day by Chris Muir

And, Chris, the original Terminator, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, just completed a tax increase ridden (over $14 Billion) state budget that not only does not balance but does NOTHING to solve California’s long term structural budget deficit problems.

John and Sarah Connor should come back in time and terminate his California Governorship.

What a disaster Schwarzenegger has been – reminds Flap of his co-actor in Predator, Jesse Ventura – another political failure.


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