The Case of Dr. Roy S. Shelburne – 7 of 10 Counts Thrown Out of Court – Part Three

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Dr. Roy S. Shelburne of Virginia

Flap yesterday reported that the money laundering convictions of Virginia dentist, Dr. Roy S. Shelburne, involving Medicaid fraud had been set aside by a federal judge.

Now, Flap has the link to the opinion and order of federal district judge, James P. Jones.

Some key graphs:

  • The government also called four local dentists, who characterized Dr. Shelburne’s work as subpar.
  • At trial, both the government and the defendant relied on retained dental experts who had extensively reviewed Dr. Shelburne’s records, as well as personally examining and evaluating some of his patients. Both experts were well-qualified but their opinions were dramatically different. Dr. Marquetta Poynter, the government’s expert, found that Dr. Shelburne had performed unnecessary procedures; Dr. Susan Phillips, the defense expert, found Dr. Shelburne’s work to be acceptable and any incorrect billings to DMAS shown by the record to be only the normal errors produced in any dental office. Dr. Shelburne testified on his own behalf and denied any intent to defraud.
  • The defendant argues that the evidence showed that he acted in good faith in his dental practice, with no intent to defraud.5 Similarly, he contends that he acted with a “legitimate medical purpose and within the bounds of accepted medical practice.” (Mem. Supp. Mot. J. Acquittal or New Trial 11.) I agree that his evidence supported such a defense, but there was substantial evidence to the contrary. A verdict in Dr. Shelburne’s favor certainly would have been plausible and equally supportable. Under our system of justice, however, the jury’s view of the evidence cannot be set aside where, as here, there was substantial evidence to support it.
  • In summary, I find that all of Dr. Shelburne’s money laundering convictions must be set aside. I will otherwise affirm all of his remaining convictions. It thus appearing proper, it is ORDERED as follows:
  • 1. The Motion for New Trial (#284) is denied;
  • 2. The Motion for Judgment of Acquittal (#284) is granted in part and denied in part;
  • 3. Judgment of acquittal is entered as to Counts Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, and Nine of the superseding Indictment; and
  • 4. The Motion for Judgment of Acquittal is otherwise denied.

The Bristol Herald Courier quotes Tony Giorno, the U.S. assistant attorney who prosecuted the case, as saying that his team may appeal the decision. He described the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the money laundering statute as a “sea change” in the law, saying “we knew we would have problems with that…..”“We have to decide, in-house or at the Department of Justice, if we’re going to live with that interpretation in future cases.”

Dr. Shelburne is considering whether to appeal the other three remaining convictions. Shelburne’s dental license will be revoked after he is sentenced on July 10.

However, now after reading the judge’s opinion, Flap is pessimistic that there will be a plea deal to spare Dr. Shelburne jail time and the loss of his dental license. The three remaining convictions are federal felonies and the judge denied the remaining motion(s) to set aside the verdict of the jury.

Dr. Shelburne can appeal and request bail while the case is under appeal but this may only postpone the inevitable if he loses in the appellate court. His dental license will be revoked, in any case.

Stay tuned……


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The Case of Dr. Roy S. Shelburne – 7 of 10 Counts Thrown Out of Court

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Barack Obama Watch: The Wesley Clark Look At Me Moment

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Gary Varvel, The Indianapolis Star

Paul Mirengoff pretty much sums up the Wesley Clark-John McCain military record flap.

Like much that’s going on in the presidential campaign these days, I didn’t find much of interest in Wes Clark’s assessment of the relationship between John McCain’s military service and McCain’s credentials to be president. In view of the astonishing thinness of Obama’s credentials, some wondered what Clark was thinking when he made his comment. The answer is: “I should be president.”

I did find it amusing to hear some liberals challenge those conservatives who were offended by Clark’s remark to explain why they weren’t similarly outraged when the Swiftvets questioned John Kerry’s military record in 2004. The two cases are quite different. If those who were in prison with McCain in North Vietnam were to say that McCain wasn’t really tortured, or to say that McCain went on Hanoi radio to accuse U.S. troops of criminal conduct, then the two cases would become analogous. And then you would have an interesting issue.

All Clark did over the last few days was highlight the fact that Barack Obama has NO military experience.

Flap wonders if General Clark, originally a Hillary Clinton supporter, is actually trying to sabotage Obama by pointing out the thinness of his military and foreign policy record?

Clinton Cabal stuff?



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John McCain Watch: The 8th Attack on Military Record – James Webb Edition

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Rudy Giuliani Watch: Still a Better Choice for President than John McCain

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Rudy Giuliani campaigning for President in Santa Barbara, California September 2007

Former New York Mayor and GOP Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani while speaking as a John McCain “SURROGATE” on CNN yesterday let it slip that he still thinks HE is the best choice to be President.

When asked by interviewer John Roberts whether he thought he was better qualified than McCain to run the country, Giuliani said, “I thought I was best-qualified to be president.” (The video is here, and this exchange comes around the 3:12 mark).

Rudy had his chance and could have made this EXACT point while running against John McCain in New Hampshire, but he didn’t. Giuliani declined to run tough contrast ads and paid the price in a disastrous, failed campaign.

You gotta want it, Rudy, when it presents itself.

Flap doubts Team McCain will be calling on Giuliani in the near future for more surrogate work.

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Barack Obama Watch: Colin Powell to Endorse Obama?

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Former Bush Administration Secretary of State Colin Powell and Senator Barack Obama

The buzz the past few days since it was released that Barack Obama had met with former Bush Administration Secretary of State and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, has been that an endorsement of Obama for President was imminent.

Robert Novak, the conservative pundit has written and was interviewed on Fox News repeating the mantra of an Obama endorsement by Powell.

Jim Geraghty, too, writes that it is almost a done deal and that it matters.

I’ll be stunned if Colin Powell does not endorse Barack Obama. (Today brings word that they met June 18.) Right now, Powell’s going to be largely, if not primarily, remembered as the man who sold the Iraq war at the United Nations. When Powell passes on, a reference to “showcasing erroneous intelligence about weapons of mass destruction that were not found in Iraq” will crop up no later than the third sentence in his obituary.

It’s hard to believe that’s how he wants to be remembered, demonized by nearly half the country and most of the world’s elites as “Bush’s enabler.”

But if Powell endorses Obama, it will not only be a PR and momentum bonanza for the Democratic nominee, but the retired general will be touted as the man who put his credibility on the line for Obama. The questions surrounding Obama – experience, accomplishments, familiarity with the military and national security issues, connection to middle-American values – are all Powell’s strengths. If the retired general and former Secretary of State says Obama will do okay as commander-in-chief, a lot of Americans will exhale with relief.

Flap disagrees. If Colin Powell endorses Obama it will mean little in the campaign. Why?

1. Colin Powell is African American and race will matter in this Presidential campaign. Name one African American that is NOT endorsing Obama. Really….name one.

2. The Left wing of the Democrat Party will NEVER forgive Powell for being George Bush’s enabler for the Iraq War and that he worked in the Bush I and Reagan Administrations.

Powell has already contributed the maximum to John McCain’s campaign and will be questioned as a hypocritical flip-flopper should he do likewise for Obama.

There is too much downside for Powell to be involved in this race. But, should he throw his support behind Obama he will be beaten up by the left and right – neutralizing any gain for Obama or Powell.

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