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These are my links for May 3rd from 20:03 to 20:10:

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These are my links for May 3rd from 19:45 to 19:49:

  • Osama Bin Laden dead: Obama took 16 hours to make up his mind – Barack Obama kept military commanders hanging by declaring he would 'sleep on it' before taking 16 hours to give the go-ahead to raid Bin Laden's compound.

    Hit squads of specialist Navy Seals – who were not even told who they were preparing to capture – had practised the mission at two reconstructions of the terror chiefs sprawling compound.

    The mission looked set to be given the all clear last Thursday when analysts confirmed beyond doubt that Bin Laden was in busy town of Abbottabad in northern Pakistan.


    16 hours?

  • US may have got Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad clue in 2008 – WikiLeaks – The US may have obtained a clue three years ago that Osama bin Laden was hiding in Abbottabad, according to information gathered by interrogators at Guantánamo.

    Buried in a document from 2008 released by WikiLeaks last week are notes from the interrogation of a Libyan, Abu al-Libi, who had apparently been with Bin Laden in Afghanistan.

    According to the document, Libi fled to Peshawar in Pakistan and was living there in 2003 when he was asked to become one of Bin Laden's messengers. The document says: "In July 2003, detainee received a letter from [Bin Laden's] designated courier, Maulawi Abd al-Khaliq Jan, requesting detainee take on the responsibility of collecting donations, organising travel and distributing funds for families in Pakistan. [Bin Laden] stated detainee would be the official messenger between [Bin Laden] and others in Pakistan. In mid-2003, detainee moved his family to Abbottabad (Pakistan) and worked between Abbottabad and Peshawar."

    Libi was captured in Pakistan in 2005. The CIA says it tracked Bin Laden by tracing the network of couriers, in particular one especially trusted by the al-Qaida leader and who died with himin the US raid on Sunday. The US has not yet named the courier.

    Senior members of the Bush administration claim evidence gained in Guantánamo has provided important information, in this case supposedly leading to Bin Laden.

    WikiLeaks released the report last week, prompting speculation that the US, afraid that its planned raid might be pre-empted, brought forward its attack.


    If true, then why did the Obama Administration wait so long?

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Dilbert by Scott Adams

Sounds more like ambivalance to me….


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These are my links for May 3rd from 14:02 to 18:15:

  • Dick Lugar: Obama ‘lacks vision’ on Afghanistan – The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said Tuesday that President Barack Obama “lacks vision of success” in Afghanistan, fewer than 48 hours after Obama announced that U.S. forces had killed Osama bin Laden.

    Sen. Dick Lugar (R-Ind.), who has been outspoken against American engagement in Libya, said the war in Afghanistan does not have a “strategic value,” after almost a decade in the region and with “al Qaeda largely displaced” from the country it once was concentrated in.


    That Obama does…..

  • President 2012: Mike Huckabee to Hold Washington Fund-raiser – Mike Huckabee isn’t making much noise these days about another presidential bid, but he’ll be in Washington Wednesday to raise money for his political action committee, Huck PAC, and to talk–very privately–about his 2012 intentions.

    The Capitol Hill fund-raiser will afford fans who can write a $1,000 check the chance to grill the former Arkansas governor about his drive to wage another campaign. In a voicemail message left this week with one potential donor, an organizer billed the event as “a small group discussing his potential run for president.”

    The event is being hosted by Rex Elsass, a Republican strategist who owns a political advertising company called the Strategy Group for Media.


    But, Huck cannot use the money for any Presidential run. So, the motivation remains unclear.

    Is he toying with the donors? Or is this a pre-emptive strike for the Presidency?

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